Business and International Business Law, M&A, Corporate, FDI (Foreign Direct Investment), Insolvency and International Insolvency

As one of the leading law offices from Serbia we have a true experience in practicing this area. Law office of Tomislav Šunjka represents clients who buy and sell companies in complex cross-border transactions for residents and nonresidents as well. We have a broad experience in advising on venture financing, public and private bids, strategic alliances, joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions, including structuring of transaction, Anti-Monopoly and Competition Law and procedure, Tax Law, Tax Planning and Saving, Labor Law and other issues.

Banking, Finance & Securities: Law office of Tomislav Šunjka advises all types of debt and equity instruments; structured finance; lease and project financing; public finance; commodities, futures and derivative products. Our clients are investment companies, advisers and broker-dealers. 

Project finance: The Office was licensed in 2009 and 2010 by the EBRD.

Privatization Practice and knowledge in Privatization Law.

Concessions Law, PPP, BOT, infrastructure project: Law office of Tomislav Šunjka advises and takes part in several infrastructural projects, different forms of cooperation, between the host – the government and foreign investors.

Energy/Project Finance: We have been listed from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development as a law office for energy and infrastructure projects transactions.

Insolvency and International insolvency: Our lawyers have a true expertise in insolvency procedures and international insolvency. We represent our national and international Clients in insolvency and international insolvency procedures and procedures related to insolvency.

Media Law: Law office of Tomislav Šunjka represents one of the main international magazine publisher and one significant foreign TV broadcast company with national frequency on the domestic market.

Real estate developing project: Law office of Tomislav Šunjka takes part in very complex real estate developing projects.