We respect our clients and we have very close and confidential relationship with them.

Our motto is Quality before quantity. 

We are always second best and our Clients engage us as opponents against several big foreign law firms on the Serbian legal market located in Belgrade.However, as second best, we are more dedicated, focused, taylormade for our Clients and always customize our approach to our Clients and their problems. 

ŠunjkaLaw has an excellent cooperation with many associates from our profession abroad and in the country as well as from related professions which may help our clients to win their cases.Our mission is to achieve the interests of business and personal goals of our clients by finding the optimal solutions within the legal norms and laws of the existing legal framework.

Our clients engage us in order to prevent possible legal and business problems and to prepare a business goal and project properly, so that no legal and business problems may occur, but still if any occurs to have a prompt solution for it.