Tomislav Šunjka

Mr.Tomislav Šunjka is the founder and principal of ŠunjkaLaw.

He has formed a team of highly competent and assertive lawyers, as himself, who deal with most complicated problems their Clients may have in a suitable and timely manner.  Clients always engage his services when they have real problem which must be settled. He creates appropriate strategy from step one to finalization in details and after that performs the procedure, in as effective and prompt manner possible. 

He represents his clients before competent courts in various types of litigation procedures, commercial arbitration, insolvency procedures, enforcement procedures for collecting debts, criminal procedures etc. 

Also, he gives his Clients strong support in  various types of negotiations, dispute resolutions, reprograming of debt, out of court restructuring of debts, finding alternate way of securing their claims, ideal means of securing their claims in particular cases, settlement procedures etc, always in his Clients’ best interest and with maximum productivity.

When dealing with his Clients’ problems and legal issues, he sets his goal to find the most effective, feasible and productive solutions. What qualifies his way of dealing with legal problems the most is unconventional approach to those problems. His experience gives him perspective that enables him to find unbeaten legal paths that best suit his Clients’ needs. 

Also, Mr.Tomislav Šunjka is trained and certificated in 2009 and 2010 by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and London School of Economics (LSE) as a lawyer for financial law issues in transition economies.

Mr.Tomislav Šunjka is named regional representative member for Europe of the International Bar Association ( http://www.ibanet.org ) Anti – corruption Committee and he is a 4 years member of IBA Asset Recovery subcommittee.

He has set his goal to make his practice business friendly in every possible way, in order to provide his Clients with service that is rounded up and effective. Also, he is in constant search for new ways to upgrade his knowledge in legal and other scopes.

Organizations as Legal500 (http://www.legal500.com ), IFLR1000 (http://www.iflr1000.com ), C5 (http://www.c5-online.com) recognize his work and recommend his services.

Membership in these organizations gives him an opportunity to interact with a great number of professionals in the legal field all over the world, to cooperate and have at his disposal a great network of legal and other professionals, whose expertise can be of great help in dealing with resolving all the potential problems his Clients may have.

His scope of activities mainly include Commercial & Trade Law, International litigations and arbitrations, Carriage Transport Insurance and Insurance Law, Contract Law, Foreign Commercial Law, Forwarding Law, Banking Law, Financial and Securities Law, Privatization Law, legal transactions concerning the managing of investments, Foreign Investments Law, Concession Law, Law of International Donations.

Because of this background, Mr. Tomislav Šunjka understands very well the nature of transactions, bank transfers, financial arrangements, and he uses that knowledge as tools and instruments in his practice on daily basis. Also, he is well aware of importance of time and cost management and importance of effective dealing with problems, hence he strives to find legal solutions for his Clients that will give required result in the most effective way.

Mr. Tomislav Šunjka also represents victims of white collar crime: frauds committed by business and government professionals, bankruptcy and bankruptcy fraud, bribery, insider trading, embezzlement, computer crime, public corruption, copyright infringement, money laundering, identity theft, corrupt organizations crimes, consumer fraud, securities fraud, financial fraud, forgery etc. His practice in this area is closely connected with his membership in the ICC FRAUDNET (http://www.icc-ccs.org/home/fraudnet ) with goal of asset recovery for his Clients.

He practices nationally, nationally with cross border elements and internationally.